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 Telling Our Story

Look Inside!

Click on link and peruse the first CAC resident driven publication; Food Facts, A Resident’s Memory of Wentworth Gardens, NPHM, Senior Luncheon 2014, Dorchester Apartments,  Economic Development….and more are packed in this first edition. Your comments, questions, and suggestions are welcomed. caclacnews@outlook.com, Enjoy! 

 Telling Our Story  (PDF)

45 Seconds of Fame December 6, 2014  Senior Luncheon Line Dancing  

Senior Luncheon Slide Show  http://youtu.be/aTEKbx33nkQ

Check out the CAC’s New publication called Telling Our Story; you will find it appealing and interesting; it also mimics the Telling Our Story website for those who don’t have internet. After you finish with the publication click on the senior luncheon line dancing snippet to see 45 seconds of fancy foot work. Then finish up with the Senior Luncheon Slide Show.  Your comments and questions are important so  email us at: caclacnews@outlook.com

Economic Development Division

The CAC has embarked upon another endeavor of duty and prosperity for the residents of CHA.

read full story Economic Development Division.

History and Description

BE IT KNOWN that the Central Advisory Council came into being on July 1, 1971, upon the election of its first body as recognized by the Memorandum of Accord.

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Relocation Rights Contract and Notices

Relocation Rights Contract
Notices You Should Know About
HUD Website

Central Advisory Council Members

Click here for a list of the CAC’s members and information on how to contact them.